Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Toolbox Talks

The current list of events for Toolbox Talks is as follows:
  • Monday 17th September 10:00am – Alison Homestead, Michael Costello, Workcover, OH&S
  • Wednesday 19th September 2:00pm – Northlakes Men’s Group, Clare Coyle, Alzheimer’s Australia, Dementia
  • Monday 15th October 10:00am – Alison Homestead, NSW Corps of Marines
  • Wednesday 17th October 2:00pm – Northlakes Men’s Group, Amanda Burfitt, Area Health, Hepatitis
  • Wednesday 7th November 3:00pm – MSCCI Committee Meeting, Stuart Torrance, Alzheimer’s Australia
  • Wednesday 21st November 2:00pm – Northlakes Men’s Group, Guy Ellis, Historic Fire Engines
  • Sunday 9th December 10:00am – Umina Beach, Peninsula Village Retirement Home, NSW Corps of Marines
  • Wednesday 6th February 3:00pm – MSCCI Committee Meeting, Adam Morrison, BCS Life Care Relationship Services, Emotional Intelligence

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