Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shed Roundup June 2011

Alison Homestead
Alison Homestead is holding an event for History Week and have invited the Mobile Mens Shed to attend to assist in the celebrations. There is information available on the weblog.

Gosford Men’s Shed
Construction work has begun on the CoastShelter restaurant in the front of the site. The crew at Gosford are still working on Possum Boxes. However, they are also doing some good work that keeps them busy building backing boards for the making of leadlights. The pushbike project has started with Gosford City Council with many of the bike currently going to shelters where there are families that are underprivileged or homeless.

The Entrance Men’s Shed
The team have been preparing for the pouring of a concrete slab a the front of the shed. They have also finished their 711th Tissue Box for the Community Engagement Project.

Bateau Bay Men’s Shed
The Shed provided a range of stats but importantly there are 61 man visits a week at the shed. The shed is anticipating a grant to support the Community Garden Project. The operational garden is expected to have up to 47 garden beds in operation and separate meal area and tool lockup.

Terrigal Men’s Shed
Now open Tuesdays and Thursdays and growing strongly. Some of the Gosford Shedders attend at Terrigal on off days. The shed is seeking a 10” Drop Saw and some Jack Planes. The shed is currently self supporting.

Kincumber Men’s Shed
The Shed now has an operational spray booth. It is getting regular use by Phil Curry and there are a  number  of blog entries about the new installation. The Kincumber Mens Shed will hold its Annual General Meeting on 26 July 2011 and are encouraging all members to take on administrative roles to ensure a strong succession in the shed.

San Remo Community  Men’s Shed
There are currently 9 boys attending from the Northlakes High School. Currently they are engaged in some electronics and have been taught some welding. The one quid pro quo for attendance is that they sit at morning tea with the men. The age range at the San Remo Shed goes for 15 to 87. Yarramalong School will attend the shed for discussions on a shed at their site.

Peninsula Men’s Shed
Bendigo Bank came to the shed to discuss banking and promotional opportunities.  Council have approved the Development Application for the Mens Shed to be built on the site. There are some minor issues to attend to like Rainwater Tanks, Colour of the Shed , Sewage and Landscaping.  The shed requires a Thicknesser and Rain Water Tanks.

A group for Blokes is starting up in the Peninsula Shed. Eric provided an overview of the aims for this group.

Wyong Mens Shed
Development Application lodged last week. The Heritage Nature of the site meant consideration of the external appearance to match the “old school” appearance. So weatherboard look is required and a pitch of 30deg on the roof must be accommodated. A future mezzanine floor has be included in the design.

Manno Mens Shed is already an  Incorporated Association and the group has been out to visit a few sheds in the region. The group plan to meet once every two weeks.

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