Monday, October 15, 2012

Floggings at Alison Homeastead

The Historic Corp of Marines took over the Alison Homesead this morning and provided a rollicking and noisy introduction to Australian History for the shedders, volunteers, school children and pioneers. There were plenty of bangs, much smoke and the aroma of gunpowder on the front lawn.
Not only did the corp discharge their weapons, they put on displays of medical instruments, instructed a group from the local Christian School in marching and how to rouse a hearty cheer. The crowd learnt about facing the right direction, how to not have their throats cut while firing a cannon, where the red colour comes from and how to get a square meal. Both classes from the school took turns in viewing the historic schoolroom and being incarcerated in the stocks. Teacher and instructors were soundly flogged.
The Alison Homestead Men's Shed were ready to hand with supplies of hearty sausage and ye olde bread, as the troops and visitors became ravenous later in the morning.
The Marines finished with a bang from the cannon that echoed across the grounds of the Alison Homestead as the children marched back to classes.
Congratulations to Roman Paull and the shedders at Alison Homestead Mens Shed,
the volunteers at the Museum and the Marine Corp. This event was developed by
 Men's Sheds Central Coast Inc as part of the Toolbox Talks and owes many thanks
to John Walker for his efforts in organising the event.

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